SNP detection with mutagenic primers
Input sequence will be searched to find changes in one nucleotide near the location of the SNP,
so that mutagenic primers may be easily designed.

DNA sequence (number, spaces and line feeds will be ignored)

SNP is located at position , the alternative nucleotide to be detected is ,
and one mismatch is generated at positions -6 to -2 and +2 to +6

Minimum recognition size for each restriction enzyme
Type of restriction enzyme
Commercial source
Only restriction enzymes with known bases (no N,R,Y...)
Include Type IIb restriction enzymes (Two cleaves per recognition sequence)
Include Type IIs restriction enzymes (Non-palindromic and cleavage outside of the recognition site)

DNA sequences can be pasted as shown or just as a one line string (number, spaces and line feeds will be ignored)

Upload a reference SNP ID from NCBI (p.e.: rs1000000):

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