Nucleotide ambiguity code

Code Represents Complement
A Adenosine T
G Guanine C
C Cytosine G
T Thymidine A
Y Pyrimidine (C & T) R
R Purine (A & G) Y
W weak (A & T) W
S strong (G & C) S
K keto (T & G) M
M amino (C & A) K
D not C H
V not T B
H not G D
B not A V
X/N unknown X/N

Code example:

Restriction enzyme: AarI
Recognition site: CACCTGCNNNN'NNNN_

Cleavage of DNA (/):

 5'- C A C C T G C N N N N/N N N N -3'
 3'- G T G G A C G N N N N N N N N/-5'


The letter codes and compliment translations are those proposed by Nomenclature Committee of the International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (NC-UIBMB)

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